Building Successful Startups.

A Mallorca-based early-stage Investment firm & startup accelerator with a focus on pre-seed equity investment.

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Mentorship for your specific needs

We support startups to successfully launch their idea. Advise future companies and join their team as mentors and coaches.

Smart Money,

Smart Business

Our mission is not simply to fund your project. We want to become a strategic partner for your venture.


Within our Max Ventures Seed One fund we invest in early stage startups


We provide startups with the tools and steps required to succeed with their business idea.

Professionals In Their Element.

Professional advisors are fundamental in the development phase of startups. Having access to our network of mentors can give the startups a great advantage. If your expertise goes beyond investment, we are continuously expanding our network of professional advisors and mentors.

How to become a Mentor

Why are Mentors so important?

Mentors drive success! In fact, their input makes startups 7 times more likely to succeed. How? They reduce uncertainty and promote the innovation that entrepreneurs require. Leverage their experience to guide startup talent and harvest their potential.

At Max Ventures, we have created the perfect entrepreneurial ecosystem. We allow entrepreneurs, advisors and investors to connect. We provide all the tools and resources needed to create businesses with real growth potential.

Meet Professionals Of Tomorrow

Connect with the innovators of tomorrow: Meet the founders of cutting-edge companies.  Develop your skills: Continually develop your professional abilities and educational skills. Join the ecosystem: Meet other Mentors and Investors in the Entrepreneur Ecosystem.

How To Join Our Team?

Register here with us. We will schedule a call or meeting with you and decide together how this relationship can benefit the startup community.

Startup profiles

We are continiously analyising startups and present the profiles within our community.

Mobile App

Gain access to our community 24/7 with the Circle mobile app.

Extended analysis

To have a better understanding of our startups we analyse them before the program starts to give you a better understanding of the problems they are facing.

Growing Community

Exchange your ideas and opinions with other investors within our growing community. Together we ecide which startups are worth our investment.

Respect and privacy

We respect your privacy and will not ask you for your participation if you don’t want to. You decide how much or how little you want to share.

Live Online Events

With online events and pitches you can simply participate from home.

Experienced Founders, Experts and Advisors

We have a team of ever expending mentors, advisors, investors and other professional contacts.

Boris Linke

Controlling & Finance

Natasha Pen

Business Strategy

Paul Evans

Business Owner & Investor

Jemima Cooper

Business Development

Patrick Visser


Jean-Claude Pierre

Business Strategy

Kai Buehler

Business Strategy

Andreas Wennberg

Team Development